From €75 you get a little extra with your order!

Surprise Pack

Value: €75

Time to let us surprise you! let us know if your woof is a boy or a girl and we will put together a very nice package for you!

What can you expect?
1 x Dog harness

1 x Handmade Walking leash (matching colors with the harness)

2 x Dog Toy


Do you have a preference for a color or brand? Let us know in the comments and we'll take this into account as much as possible!

These boxes cost €60 and have a value of €75! 🙌



XXS: Neck 20-27cm - Chest 25-35cm

XS: Neck 26-40cm - Chest 35-47cm

S: Neck 36-48cm - Chest 41-54cm

M: Neck 43cm - 51cm - Chest 46-62cm

L: Neck 47-57cm - Chest 57-83cm