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Little Woofs

Little Woofs was founded by Evelien Vandemarck. I like to be creative and through Little Woofs I can let myself go completely.

I try to offer new products every week! Be sure to follow our instagram page, you can easily follow when the new items will be online.


Handmade Leashes & Collars

All our leashes & collars are homemade. This makes each copy unique, so be quick because gone = gone.

The Little Woofs leashes & collars are not suitable for the washing machine. These must be hand washed! If your Woof has rolled in the mud during a walk, it is best to immediately clean the leash when you get home. That way you can enjoy it longer.


Company Information:

Little Woofs
Glazenstraat 21

2220 Heist - Op-Den - Berg
VAT number : VAT BE0759 888 892              Company number : 0759 888 892

Little Woofs is exempt from VAT and therefore does not charge VAT to its customers