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PRE-ORDER 'Rainbow Sherbet' Dog Fabric Leash


Leash Details: This leash is 151cm in length & padded with neoprene handle for extra comfort for the humans. There is also a sturdy D-Ring at the base of the handle to hold waste bags, keys, etc.

This harness features two sturdy D-rings for leash attachment: One at the front and one at the back. With this step-in style, there is no need to go over the dog's head! It is also fully adjustable at the neck and chest.



S: Neck 41-46cm - Chest 47-54cm

M: Neck 44-56cm - Chest 53-69cm

L: Neck 55-78cm - Chest 68-98cm

This is a fully adjustable collar made with neoprene material for extra comfort for your pup. It also includes a Sturdy d-ring for leash and tag attachment.


Small: 24cm - 33cm

Medium: 32cm - 50cm

Feel free to mix in coins, your key, or some extra treats on your walk. This bag includes one standard waste bag roll and is made with a heavyweight neoprene material