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Hownd - Banana Facial & Natural Tear Stain Treatment


Hownd - Banana Facial & Natural Tear Stain Treatment
Content 250ml

Our multi-award winning Banana Facial & Natural Tear Stain Treatment is a magical 2-in-1 facial scrub and pH balanced stain treatment that quickly and gently removes dirt and discoloration. It uses ingredients extracted from sacred lotus, evening primrose, ginseng root and oat extracts, as well as a vegan alternative to keratin and botanical extracts to promote healthy hair growth. And the best part is, it smells just like bananas!


Banana Facial is a ready-to-use formula and the amount needed is about a coin. It is safe for daily use and good for your dog's skin and coat.

With a luscious scent, Banana Facial is scented with essential oils for a sweet smelling face and a healthy shiny coat. It is suitable for all breeds and is safe to use in puppies from 12 weeks.


Banana Facial is free of harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soaps and dyes and is safe to use with topical flea products.


  • Gently removes dirt and discoloration
  • Mild formula for tear stains
  • Lotus, oats and evening primrose
  • No chemicals, bleaches or dyes
  • No alcohol, parabens, soap, SLS
  • Smells exactly like banana


HOWND is against animal cruelty. All Hownd grooming products carry the Leaping Bunny seal of approval from Cruelty Free International, the only globally recognized accreditation against animal cruelty, and are also accredited by PETA Cruelty Free, The Vegan Society and the Ethical Company Organization.