From €75 you get a little extra with your order!

Biothane dog collars & adjustable dog collars 

Because everything is handmade, no two leashes or collars are the same. As a result, your four-legged friend always walks around with a unique piece!


Recommended for the biothane collars:

  • Small to medium dogs: 16mm & 19mm width collars
  • Medium to large dogs: collars with a width of 20 & 25mm

You will find this information in the description of the collar!


Biothane is an excellent substitute for leather and nylon. It consists of a layer of strong nylon strap with a protective layer of plastic. The plastic layer is colored and makes Biothane just as trendy and attractive.



- Durable and strong, does not tear

- Does not absorb moisture, does not mold

- Remains flexible in cold weather

- Extremely colorfast and dimensionally stable, does not stretch

- No maintenance - easy to clean with water

- With leather collars you quickly see wear, with biothane collars you have this much less!